Tips for Choosing the Best Laptop Sleeve

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Choosing a sleeve bag for your laptop is not an easy task as you may presume. You need to consider a couple of factors to ensure that they offer the best protection to your laptop. Your laptop is an important investment that you need to protect from the radiation heat, scratch or any form of damage; therefore, you need to spend time choosing the right case.

Ensure that you can rely on the sleeve that you purchase for the best protection. The following tips will help you to choose the best one.

Choose the Right Size

Laptop with caseConsidering the size of the case is important. You should ensure that it fits in the sleeve perfect. An oversize one might not provide the best protection because the laptop might have a severe than normal damage when it drops.

Ensure that the laptop is held tight in the case for convenience while transporting it. Ideally, you need to have the right dimensions of your laptop when you are purchasing the sleeve so that you make the right selection.

The Material of the Sleeve

The material that you intend to buy matters a lot when it comes to protection. When you are in the store, you need to consider the material in two aspects, that is, the type of material itself and the thickness. Most of the sleeves are designed with nylon, polyester, suede or microfiber.

You need to choose a strong and durable material that will offer the best protection to the laptop. On the other hand, you should select the right thickness depending on the kind of protection you want. For instance, a thick case will protect the device from damage when it is knocked or dropped on the ground. Thin but strong materials are best to protect the laptop from scratches.

Sleeve Enclosures

The sleeve enclosure plays an important role in protecting your device; therefore, you need to check it out before making an order. The sleeves are designed with varying enclosures to meet the consumers’ satisfaction. You need to choose either a zipper or flap enclosure when choosing the best one.

However, you need to ensure that the enclosure does not allow the laptop to drop when you are transporting it. If you choose a sleeve with a zipper, ensure that it is not too tight to stretch your device when you are opening or closing the sleeve.

Extra Features

Pink laptop caseIt is important to check on the additional features that will provide premium protection to your laptop. Ensure that the case has the best handled to help you transport the laptop by putting it under your shoulders or your back.

You should also prioritize a sleeve with a ring for attaching a strap so that you can add some items such as keys or maybe a flashlight. The additional features might not necessarily to protect the laptop, but you need them for versatility and convenience.

Benefits Of Golf Rangefinders

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The popularity of golf rangefinders continues to grow by day as most golf players embrace the new technology. Interestingly, the golf rangefinders have become inseparable from pro golf players as they enhance the game making it more competitive and assist them to achieve accurate shots. Moreover, they provide great information on the golf course which improves golf playing and increases an individual’s skills and technique while enjoying the golfing sessions. Hence, there are many benefits that accrue from using golf rangefinders such as;

Measuring distances

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The best golf rangefinders allow the users to accurately measure distances within the golf course which enhance the accuracy of their shots. Both laser and GPS varieties of golf rangefinders can accurately provide distance measurements regardless of the barriers within the golf course. This way, the player is in a position to make the right shot both for long or short distances achieving the desired target accurately.

Elevation measurements

Most golf rangefinders have an inbuilt TGR feature that allows the golfer to accurately access information in regards to the elevation of the golf course. This way the player can take accurate shots while considering the slope and angle of the course and holes.

Information display

Golf rangefinders use the DNA technology and multi-coated lenses to provide accurate and vivid OLED displays. As a result, the golfer can analyze the golf course before making their next play move. Interestingly, by use of touch mode switches and controls, it is possible to magnify and optimize the display giving clear and vivid images. Moreover, it is possible to regulate the different backgrounds and light to ensure that the information provided is reliable to the golfer.

Enables one to play in different weather conditions

Different golf rangefinder brands have added the unique waterproof feature t0 allow the player in different weather conditions. Hence the waterproof feature allows the golfer to locate the target with clear precision accurately. Moreover, the golf rangefinder allows the player to see through a foggy or misty golf course accurately as well as analyzes the impact each hit has in regards to weather conditions and in particular the strength of the wind.

Golfer statistics

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Interestingly, some golf rangefinders can assess and record the golfer’s statistics which can be used for future reference or can enhance personal improvement and development. The device can accurately measure the hit strength, player’s swing and closely monitors the player’s progress. In addition, it is possible to use the rangefinder to record the golfer’s scores.

How a tactical flashlight works for defense

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You have probably heard that it is possible to use a tactical flashlight for self-defense. This is true because a tactical flashlight has all the features that are required. If you are looking for flashlights that can double up as a weapon, then defense unit tactical flashlights are the best choice. The ability to double as a weapon is the reason why it is preferred by the police and also the military to complement their weapons. For people who like to go hiking and camping, this is also a good choice because you can never know what awaits you in the jungle.

Tactical flashlight for defense

Identify threats

Identifying threats is one of the basic uses of any flashlight, but the flashlight is different in some way. In very low light areas, it might be a challenge spotting the threat using the common type of flashlights. In this case, you need a tactical flashlight. Tactical flashlight are very bright, and this means even in low light areas and in the darkest corners, you will be able to identify anyone planning an attack on you. Identifying a threat is the first step towards self-defence.


Blind the attackers

A tactical flashlight offers a good defense mechanism by blinding the attackers. The light produced by the tactical flashlight is very bright, and it can disorientate attackers approaching your way. By using the light, the attackers will not be able to see you and this is a good way to get some time and get ready for the attack. Once you encounter an enemy, you can adjust the flashlight to the maximum brightness and direct it to the eyes of the attacker. In very dark areas, this is a good way to defend yourself.

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Used as a weapon

One of the things that you should appreciate about a tactical flashlight is the fact that it can be used a weapon. Most of the tactical flashlights have customized features, and this makes them better for use as a weapon. For instance, you will realize that most the tactical flashlights have spikes that you can use a weapon. You can use the tactical flashlight to hit your enemy, and this will be a good weapon when you encounter an enemy.

An Overview Of What You Should Know About iPhone 7; Is It A Flop?

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Most iPhone 7 owners can be forgiven for knowing very little about the phone. The only thing that perhaps they know is that it is an Apple smartphone that was released on September 7, 2016. It is okay not to worry so much about its features; the fact that it is an Apple phone is much enough. If you are interested, you should seek iPhone 7 Info. Furthermore, it is one of the Company’s best-designed phones.


Did you know that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6sholding phone are similar in design? If you have had the chance to look at the iPhone 6, you will notice its slim, sleek design; then you will love the iPhone 7 design. Also, just like the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 comes in silver, gold and rose gold colors.


Another fact you might want to know has to do with water- resistance. The iPhone 7 easily survives when dipped in water. The water resistance feature is courtesy of the added tough Series 7000 aluminum chassis. Specifically speaking, the IPhone 7 can survive in one- meter deep pool of water for 30 minutes. However, Apple warns of dipping the phone in salty water. Moreover, another tip here of what you should know about the iPhone 7 is that the Apple warranty does not cover water damage.

Modified features

These include having a better camera light bumps. This is enabled by its new optical image stabilization feature. With this feature, you can now capture crystal clear pictures even with shaky hands. The front camera or the Facetime camera has also been upgraded to 7 megapixels. Moreover, the battery life has been upgraded and just like most Apple phones it might last you 24 hour without the need to recharge.

Processor speed

Another grphone and earphoneeat advancement has to do with the phones speed. Where a phone’s speed is a top choice when purchasing a smartphone, then the iPhone 7 is the way to go. Featuring a new processor, known as A10 Fusion, the phone guarantees super fast speed. In fact, it has been rated as being faster than any IOS device in the market. Apple has revealed that the quad- core processor in is twice as fast as the iPhone 6.

Another feature that might crack your mind is the sensitivity of the home button. If you feel the home button is however too solid, due to the introduced forced touch enabled sensor. There are however several ways to access apps from the home screen.