Tips for Using E-mail to Send Fax

e-mail to send fax

Sending fax using e-mail has replaced the old way of doing it. Before the popularity of the internet, the only way to send fax was using a fax machine. The process was slow, and the constant machine breakdowns made it even more complex.

However, today we have e-mail, and this has replaced the monotonous method of doing things. It is now easy to send a fax message all over the world and you can check out their site to learn. Here are tips on sending fax using e-mail:

Find a good fax service provider

When sending using e-mail to send fax, it is important tosending fax through e-mail have a good service provider. The service provider should be able to offer reliable service depending on your need. Before making a choice, always evaluate your needs. The needs of a small business might be different from big business that has over 100 users.

By having a service provider who understands your needs, you will be able to get efficiency from your e-mail faxes and also save some money. Most of the service providers will charge monthly for their services depending on the size of your business.

Get a fax number

You will be required to have a fax number before you start sending fax using e-mail. If you are using Gmail for the sending e-mail, then you will need to get a Google fax number. Getting one is free, and you do not need to pay anything.

You need to look for providers online and sign up an account. Once you sign up, they will give you a dedicated phone number that you will be using to send and receive fax messages. You can choose a local, toll-free or a vanity number depending on the type of business that you operate.

Get rid of your fax machine

Once you set up everything that you need for sending fax over the internet, it is time to get rid of your fax machine. Using the traditional fax machine is old-fashioned because of the constant breakdowns that are experienced. The use of paper is also not the right and especially in this age when people are committed to taking care of the environment.

fax machine

Learn how to send e-mail fax

Once you are ready for everything, it is now time to learn how to send e-mail fax. You need to know how to put the right address and also how to compose the cover letter. It is important to remember that the fax is sent as an attachment to the e-mail.