A Review Of The Best Gaming Monitor

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Do you want a gaming monitor with a big screen or a wide aspect ratio? Is the brand what matters to you? Well, no matter what your gaming monitor needs are, the manufacturers have catered for all needs conveniently. If you check the reviews of the top gaming monitors, then you will notice that there are gaming monitors for starter and experts as well as low and high budget. On the off chance you don’t know much about the monitors, then this article is for you. It reviews some of the best monitors for starters.

A review of various best gaming monitors

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q

red gaming monitorsIt is noticeable that this gaming monitor has a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a screen size of 27 inches with 1440P resolution. The screen is made suing the IPS technology for vivid, sharp colors any gamer would ask for. Additionally, the screen is well equipped with display ports and HDMI ports for greater connectivity with the other parts of gaming accessories. For a seamless and smooth play, Asus have included Nvidia G-sync technology.

Acer Predator

This monitor competes for head to head with the Asus ROG on numerous features. If you are not a keen gamer, the only difference to you will be the brand name. It also features a 1440P IPS screen with a G-sync technology. The refresh rate is 144Hz which is slightly lower than its competitor above. Gamers using this kind of a monitor are experts who run their games on equally high-end CPU and other accessories.

View Sonic XG2401

This is a mid-range gaming monitor which can be a good option for starters using light games and mid-range CPU. With a refresh rate of 144Hz, one can be sure to have the games run smoothly. Additionally, the FHD 24-inch screen is not all that bad for gamers. The connectivity is also up to date with the HDMI connectivity available.

Benq XL2420G Specs

Again, this is a mid-range and one of the popular brands for many gamers. The monitor is affordable and offers value for money. With a refresh rate of 144Hz and Nvidia G-sync technology, this is a big plug for the gamers who like it smooth and seamless. The TN panel of FHD technology is not all that good but still works well for gamers. Lastly, the 24 –inch screen will serve a purpose while playing most of the games.
The above screens are usually some of the best in the market today, but one can explore for more options from the Internet.