Tips for Starting a Financial Technology Blog

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Blogging is among the most profitable things to do with your spare time since it is fun. You can create an alternative identity online to spread your ideas by writing and posting relevant articles, and other forms of content on your site. Blogging acts like any other online venture for money or fun except that it requires discipline. Furthermore, people encounter various problems when seeking the best way to write out their thoughts and monetize their following. Among the most difficult yet fun areas to write about is technology finance. You can choose personal or corporate finance and create a crafty blog with a handful or thousands of regular readers. Read on to see the exact tips for starting a Fintech News blog to help you out.


Become an Expert

Writing about what you know will be the easiest thing you do for your blog. You can wake up in the middle of the night when you have no sleep and write fluidly. At other times, thoughts will come to you while in traffic or when you are waiting. Keep on reading about technology finance. Read other blogs and watch the financial news. Check the books recommended for the subject you are covering. You need to be a financial geek in a way for your voice to sound genuine when people are reading your blog.

Simplify Your Message

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The temptation to go too technical for your audience exists. Resist it and water down your content. This tip does not mean you write garbage. It also implies that you write with the urgency of the reader in mind. The world is a busy place. You probably flip through pages of news in a day instead of reading them. The same is true for audiences. They want to catch the best news and information quickly. Therefore, start the introduction, write a brief body and make a conclusion. Use at most two points for each article. Write several articles for the same topic and put them in a series.

Get Reliable Hosting Packages

You must create a blog that loads fast. People have no patience for waiting for a slow blog to load on their computers and phones. Work with a web hosting partner that gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee and fast connection speeds to your blog. Implement other recommended features for improving speed such as caching images and multimedia content on notable third-party cloud services. Caching helps your reader to get to the relevant content first as other parts of the blog load in the background.

Measure & Use Your Traffic Intelligence

blog dashboardMeasuring traffic refers to monitoring what people are reading on your blog. Various webmaster tools can help you track traffic. The next thing should be to check for behaviors of people when they are on your blog. Capture keywords used to get to your financial technology blog by your visitors and use them as cues for topics to cover. Check the time spent on each link and story. Look at the content that is most popular. Keep on pushing similar content in your subsequent posts to attract more readership. You will end up with a niche site, where you are the expert in the matter, which makes it easiest for you to monetize your blog.

These tips are important because they determine whether you move on to the next step of blogging for success in the financial technology niche.