Tips for Starting a Financial Technology Blog

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Blogging is among the most profitable things to do with your spare time since it is fun. You can create an alternative identity online to spread your ideas by writing and posting relevant articles, and other forms of content on your site. Blogging acts like any other online venture for money or fun except that it requires discipline. Furthermore, people encounter various problems when seeking the best way to write out their thoughts and monetize their following. Among the most difficult yet fun areas to write about is technology finance. You can choose personal or corporate finance and create a crafty blog with a handful or thousands of regular readers. Read on to see the exact tips for starting a Fintech News blog to help you out.


Become an Expert

Writing about what you know will be the easiest thing you do for your blog. You can wake up in the middle of the night when you have no sleep and write fluidly. At other times, thoughts will come to you while in traffic or when you are waiting. Keep on reading about technology finance. Read other blogs and watch the financial news. Check the books recommended for the subject you are covering. You need to be a financial geek in a way for your voice to sound genuine when people are reading your blog.

Simplify Your Message

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The temptation to go too technical for your audience exists. Resist it and water down your content. This tip does not mean you write garbage. It also implies that you write with the urgency of the reader in mind. The world is a busy place. You probably flip through pages of news in a day instead of reading them. The same is true for audiences. They want to catch the best news and information quickly. Therefore, start the introduction, write a brief body and make a conclusion. Use at most two points for each article. Write several articles for the same topic and put them in a series.

Get Reliable Hosting Packages

You must create a blog that loads fast. People have no patience for waiting for a slow blog to load on their computers and phones. Work with a web hosting partner that gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee and fast connection speeds to your blog. Implement other recommended features for improving speed such as caching images and multimedia content on notable third-party cloud services. Caching helps your reader to get to the relevant content first as other parts of the blog load in the background.

Measure & Use Your Traffic Intelligence

blog dashboardMeasuring traffic refers to monitoring what people are reading on your blog. Various webmaster tools can help you track traffic. The next thing should be to check for behaviors of people when they are on your blog. Capture keywords used to get to your financial technology blog by your visitors and use them as cues for topics to cover. Check the time spent on each link and story. Look at the content that is most popular. Keep on pushing similar content in your subsequent posts to attract more readership. You will end up with a niche site, where you are the expert in the matter, which makes it easiest for you to monetize your blog.

These tips are important because they determine whether you move on to the next step of blogging for success in the financial technology niche.

Top E-Commerce Trends to Look out for This 2018


According to a Marketer study back in 2016, the growth being witnessed in the e-commerce sector is phenomenal. The momentum will continue to rocket past 2020 when the sales might reach 4 trillion dollars. Very few industries today can boast of such a bright outlook.

As a result, more people are looking towards as a futuristic platform. Briefly described by Blog von Star Finanz are six significant and disruptive trends in e-commerce influencing consumers and marketer this 2018. We shall begin by examining the present state of each area while considering the rest of the year to witness what challenges and opportunities e-commerce retailers might encounter in 2018.

1. Improved Delivery Logistics from Fast Shipping

When picking an e-commerce platform, most people examine the differentiator factors; mainly delivery and shipping times. As of now, the leading global retailer ships over 5 billion items across the globe. Most of the shipping is done within a day, or two provided it is within a given geographical boundary. Delays hardly exceed a week unless we are referring to international shipments. We have recently seen the adoption of new technologies in the logistics and delivery climate. Most prominent are driver less freight, use of drones, and many others.

2. Integration of Ai or Machine Learning

There is a considerable appetite for machine learning technologies today. The e-commerce sector will witness more disruption from artificial intelligence. Most e-commerce systems have incorporated machine functions. Today, machine learning is a regular in e-commerce systems, ranging from search functionality to product recommendation engines. Advancements realized will give retailers access to customer desires using less effort.

The rise of automated customer service chat bots has been a recent tech improvement in e-commerce. This feature is present on many websites to offer feedback and guidance to the masses. It is expected that these conversational agents will advance even further this 2018.

3. Ar Gets Closer to Mainstream

Till recently, AR technology has seen releases like snap chat filters and google glass. This year AR will move an inch closer to mainstream adoption.

4. Growth in Iot and Mobile Checkout

E-commerce growth has been fueled by the rapid rise of mobile technology. Mobile checkout and payment systems have increased to devices connected to the internet. Shopping can be simply transacted through the smart phone. Since 2015, growth arising from mobile payments have witnessed a steady rise. There are over ten mobile payment platforms, and the number only keeps growing. The world seems to be moving away from cash, so we can expect further development of mobile money beyond 2018.

5. Perform a Voice Search

It is difficult mentioning mobile money without stumbling across a voice search. As of 2018, the voice is a crucial innovation component in the innovation space. Smart home technologies in home units are seeing the adoption of voice searches.

6. Storefront Apps

As global focus shifts from the desktop to the smart phone, we can expect to see more storefront apps. Major retailers have already offered their market apps, and customers are accustomed to them. As of 2018, we can now see smaller businesses drive the narrative as they leverage storefront apps sales.

Is Fax Method of Communication Suitable for Your Business

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Communication is one of the most important factors in any business organization. This is because, any organization requires to communicate with their customers, staff and its suppliers. Communication methods in businesses have evolved with time, and this has seen businesses adopt various means of communication. With the coming of the internet, businesses have tried to use means like emails and other social media platforms for communication. Irrespective of this, entire old means like fax communication have refused to die and has continued to be embraced by many organizations. This is because of its advantages which cannot be overridden by other means of communication. Rather people can now incorporate fax in Gmail and continue enjoying it. You can check out this detailed guide for more information on this. Here are some of the reasons why fax communication remains suitable for business all around the world.


fax on GmailThis is one of the main advantages that make fax machines suitable for any business in the world. Many people think that fax machines can only be the big bulky machines that are placed in offices and cannot be moved. With the introduction of various companies for example eFax, people can access faxes wherever they are with less hustle.

This has led to convenience for the business that uses fax machines. Tablets and smartphones are all over nowadays, and this makes it easy to access documents anywhere anytime. This means that people can access documents even on the move at very remote conditions.


Another reason why fax communication remains suitable for business is the fact that it is more reliable, unlike other communication methods. For companies that use the old fax machines, all they need is a running phone system for fax communication to work. As long as the phone network is running, then one is assured that the documents will be delivered, however large they may be. This has become even easier with the coming of the online fax.


Security is a major requirement when it comes to communication of any kind within any organization in the world. With the widespread cases of hacking being reported almost in every corner of the world, security has become key in all means of communication.

Companies that use traditional fax system are assured of the safety of their documents sent through that media since they use telephone network and not the internet. This means that they can send top secret or sensitive documents without fear of being hacked.

The requirement of signatures

signature on faxAnother reason why fax communication remains more suitable for use in businesses is the fact that its ability to deliver documents that bear the signature of the one who approved the document. Any document that requires approval or permission to be sent will always bear the name of the person or his signature.

This makes the use of faxes most suitable and most used for this nature of documents. Sometimes its hard to trace who authorized the sending of some messages if they do not bear their name or signature. With faxes, this cannot happen. Digital signatures have also come into the faxing world, and this has made it even better.


Fax communication, although an old means of communication within the organization, remains a very suitable and reliable means of communication even today. It’s therefore good for businesses to embrace fax communication for the reasons discussed above.

Different types of data recovery


Loss of valuable computer data frequently occurs when there are problems with a computer’s hard drive. The services of a data recovery company are therefore required to solve such issues and retrieve your data.

Numerous causes might prevent your hard drive from working properly. Sometimes, it is a matter of the software on the hard disk that does not permit your operating system to start properly. Sometimes, there are more complex problems with the hard drive such as something wrong with the reader heads or the printed circuit board. Computer fixperts will take care of all issues that are related with computer data loss.

Software issues

imacThe data restoration technicians will use a professional data recovery application to recover your files if the problem is with the software.
This specialty program is very costly and therefore not worth purchasing just to retrieve the data off of your hard drive. Further, it is relatively easy to cause more damage to the hard disk if you do not understand the data recovery process. This error will make the hard drive harder for a designated professional to recover the files later.

Physical issues

Sometimes, the internal components of the hard drive such as the controller arm, reader heads, or motor, are the ones with a problem. This issue will ordinarily mean that the repair is more complex and will demand more money and time to perform. If you consult a professional data recovery specialist, he can fix the current board or replace it with the same model/firmware. The only way to salvage data from a hard drive that its internal components are at fault is to replace them with identical parts.

Recovery for accidentally deleted data

It is often possible to recover data if it has accidentally been deleted. This recovery is in fact, one of the fastest, simplest and consequently most inexpensive forms of data recovery. When a file is deleted, it will not ordinarily be physically expelled from the drive’s storage immediately. Somewhat, it will not be available through usual means. The deleted data is discarded when something else is saved over that part of the drive, but until this happens, professional software tools will often be able to access and retrieve the deleted files.


diskThere are some first indicators of hard drive issues that you can recognize early enough to help lessen the possibility of losing your data. If you hear a clicking or grinding sound coming from your computer machine, immediately turn it off and take it to the technician for a full diagnosis. While you may not be able to perform data recovery on your own, these are indicative of potential hard drive problems.

The Ideal Graphic Tool


The typical way of getting software covers has frustrated many, and it takes unnecessarily long. Many people going the freelance which involves a certain number of revisions and the end product may not be that appealing. The new way of getting software covers pretty fast is the uses Pixel Studio FX 2.0. Unlike the other options, this one will take as less as one minute to get a cover. The Pixel Studio FX for the ideal graphic tool. The cost is also very affordable preferred to what freelance sites charge.

General information

Who should use the tool?

Graphic ToolThe tool is simple, fast and very efficient. It has a drag and drop button that allows you to create designs in seconds. The product works with amateurs and veterans alike. It requires no technical skills and no experience. A simple how-to training will put you on the road t graphic design.

Why you should get the Pixel Studio FX 2.0

The apparent reason here is time. Doing a 24 to 48-hour job in one minute is the sole reason why you should use Pixel Studio FX 2.0. In one minute you can increase your sales, decrease costs and save hours of design time. The tool will also transform you into a professional graphic designer in just minutes of its use. This means you will attract more customers in minutes while at the same time saving on cost and time. It has numerous designs at your disposal hence you will never be worried about upsetting your customers. For your use, it is also sufficient in creating E-covers without the help of a professional designer hence saving you on cost. The tool also has a simple and very powerful program that has had many positive reviews. One important thing about Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is the bonuses. You will enjoy lots of bonuses with a bunch of unique features.

Product Features

Graphic Tool 2The Pixel FX 2.0 is an ideal tool for client collaboration and ability for social sharing. The tool allows for future updates and also entails full support. The tool has user profiles which are essential in replicating titles, authors, and taglines. The tool allows you to design your theme and apply to all models. The PSFX extension files are necessary for enabling the importation and exportation of themes. It has APIs which use your images from the stock accounts. With pixels FX you will be able to toggle between light and dark GUI allowing Lighter interface.

Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is apparently the number one graphic tool so far. It is made from ground up with utmost simplicity. It is recommended for anyone because of its usability. If you are looking for a fun experience in e-cover design, Pixel StudioFX, 2.0 is the answer.