Top E-Commerce Trends to Look out for This 2018


According to a Marketer study back in 2016, the growth being witnessed in the e-commerce sector is phenomenal. The momentum will continue to rocket past 2020 when the sales might reach 4 trillion dollars. Very few industries today can boast of such a bright outlook.

As a result, more people are looking towards as a futuristic platform. Briefly described by Blog von Star Finanz are six significant and disruptive trends in e-commerce influencing consumers and marketer this 2018. We shall begin by examining the present state of each area while considering the rest of the year to witness what challenges and opportunities e-commerce retailers might encounter in 2018.

1. Improved Delivery Logistics from Fast Shipping

When picking an e-commerce platform, most people examine the differentiator factors; mainly delivery and shipping times. As of now, the leading global retailer ships over 5 billion items across the globe. Most of the shipping is done within a day, or two provided it is within a given geographical boundary. Delays hardly exceed a week unless we are referring to international shipments. We have recently seen the adoption of new technologies in the logistics and delivery climate. Most prominent are driver less freight, use of drones, and many others.

2. Integration of Ai or Machine Learning

There is a considerable appetite for machine learning technologies today. The e-commerce sector will witness more disruption from artificial intelligence. Most e-commerce systems have incorporated machine functions. Today, machine learning is a regular in e-commerce systems, ranging from search functionality to product recommendation engines. Advancements realized will give retailers access to customer desires using less effort.

The rise of automated customer service chat bots has been a recent tech improvement in e-commerce. This feature is present on many websites to offer feedback and guidance to the masses. It is expected that these conversational agents will advance even further this 2018.

3. Ar Gets Closer to Mainstream

Till recently, AR technology has seen releases like snap chat filters and google glass. This year AR will move an inch closer to mainstream adoption.

4. Growth in Iot and Mobile Checkout

E-commerce growth has been fueled by the rapid rise of mobile technology. Mobile checkout and payment systems have increased to devices connected to the internet. Shopping can be simply transacted through the smart phone. Since 2015, growth arising from mobile payments have witnessed a steady rise. There are over ten mobile payment platforms, and the number only keeps growing. The world seems to be moving away from cash, so we can expect further development of mobile money beyond 2018.

5. Perform a Voice Search

It is difficult mentioning mobile money without stumbling across a voice search. As of 2018, the voice is a crucial innovation component in the innovation space. Smart home technologies in home units are seeing the adoption of voice searches.

6. Storefront Apps

As global focus shifts from the desktop to the smart phone, we can expect to see more storefront apps. Major retailers have already offered their market apps, and customers are accustomed to them. As of 2018, we can now see smaller businesses drive the narrative as they leverage storefront apps sales.

Benefits Of Smart Phone Cases


Each and every one of us owns a smartphone, and these days, even kids going to schools have this kind of gadget. Since smartphones are not that cheap, we need to make sure that we protect them really well and the best way to ensure to do this is to utilize a durable case.

There are many advantages of having a good smartphone case and a few of the top benefits include

Protection from accidents

No matter how careful you are with your gadget, there are going to be situations where this gadget drops to the ground. With an excellent case, you will be able to protect your phone from the damages that may occur from getting in direct contact with a hard surface since it will serve as a cushion or padding.

Defend your phone from external elements

yellow caseAside from mishaps, you also need to protect your gadget from various elements such as dust, dirt, and moisture. Again, a good case will be of great help.

Add beauty to your phone

One of the main aspects that people keep in mind when buying a new phone is the overall looks. Each of the smartphone available nowadays have their own features. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something that is not so appealing.

It is worth noting though that no matter how good the appearance of your phone is, there are other ways to improve its looks and make it look more attractive. This is the reason people buy stylish, smartphone cases whenever they shop for smartphone accessories.

Protection from damage in your pocket

You may think that your smartphone is safe when it is in your pocket but this is the main place where the screen can be damaged and scratched. Usually, we have our keys in our pockets, and these tend to damage our mobiles a lot. Therefore, ensure that your phone is in the case before you place it in your pocket.

With these and the many other benefits that smartphone cases offer, it surely is one the most important smartphone accessories, and there is nobody would be able to protect their phone without one.

moneyHowever, when buying a case, you should always consider the price, flexibility, and strength. Get the Otterbox defender case if you want to be sure that you will get the best value for your money.